Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And iPhone 5s

Android and Apple is being compared several times and today we have got two models for the face off i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Apple iPhone 5S. Both the devices are new to market and it will be easier for user to tally the configuration and purchase the best for them. Both the company Samsung and Apple has their own fan following where Apple is well established in America and all over world Samsung goes well.

Well, both the phones are similar like their predecessor, not much difference in design. Only the Note 3 uses faux-leather rear casing and that to plastic body. Whereas iphone 5s has aluminum casing and give the luxury feeling. In the box Note 3 has stylus, IR blaster for universal remote, microSD card, USB cable, earphone and a removable rear cover. The iPhone 5s has nothing much to offer apart from new biometric Touch ID finger print sensor for high security.

Looking at the display Note 3 is 1.7 inch bigger than iPhone 5s. Bigger is not the criteria to look at but the functioning in outdoor in bright light does really matter. And to inform you that iPhone 5s has better visibility and when kept in dark Note 3 has more glow and sharp look. The dimension of Note 3 and iPhone 5s is 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm and 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm respectively.

Now comes the interface and Note has TouchWiz Nature UX UI, just so tempting but the other phone has spiffy animated look that grabs little more attention. Note 3 kicks off iPhone 5s in functionality and personalization. This is because Android platform has multi window, widgets, icons and live wallpapers to fill the home screen. Whereas Apple now offers live wallpapers but the homescreen continue to be static. With the S-Pen and various Air view features you can draw and juggle around the apps in Note 3, but this is impossible in iPhone 5s. Earlier we have discussed on few features that Ios 7 has picked from Android 4.2 Jellybean.

Camera of iPhone 5s is very simple and manual controls are more found in Note 3. iPhone 5s is little ahead of its rival in terms of low light image capturing.  The shutter speed is much faster too, the potential of iPhone is much then Note 3. For video recording Note 3 has 4K resolution that is unique ability to shoot then the other device.

This is very less to compare and both the phone has there own feature. The only thing is that iPhone 5s has simple and user friendly and Android Note 3 has more to offer with no restriction. Prefer both the phones according to your need. The price is not much difference. Look at the comparison table and take some idea.

iphone 5s-vs-note 3- configuration

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