How to Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 through CASUAL


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was listed in getting upgraded to Android 5.0 earlier with few other tablets. But the news seems to have no sign because Google is planning to upgrade its Android version to 4.3. users having Verizon variant Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 then the get a chance to unlock their device and all this is possible because of xda developers.

The developer has built software called CASUAL that will allow the device get unlocked. According to him, software provides a GUI for scripts that use the Android Developer Bridge (ADB) and it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The software he describe it as IROM that locks the Verizon Note 10.1 SCH-I925. So it is advised to check the device model before unlocking it. Do it by tapping on settings->about tablet-> model number.


CASUAL stands for Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Univeral Android Loader. CASUAL jar files are a wrapper for the CASUAL scripting language. CASUAL allows rapid and accurate deployment of hacks and exploits. CASUAL is an Open Format, meaning, you can find out as much as you need to about how it works because they’re easily taken apart and modified with WinZip. CASUAL is also secure. At any time, if a serious problem is detected with any script, the kill-switch will be flipped and you will be brought to a support page (most likely here) so you can download the latest version. Otherwise for minor corrections, new CASUAL scripts can be deployed remotely.

This procedure is fully secure but there is greater risk of bricking of device if not carefully done under guidance. Pamandroid will not be responsible for any loss or brick of device. Just follow the article carefully and do accordingly.


  1. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-I925
  2. Computer with any OS- Windows or Linux (no Mac user)
  3. Original USB cable
  4. Make sure the tablet has enough battery to go through the unlocking procedure
  5. Backup data using back up apps
  6. Enable the USB Debugging by tapping on settings->application->development and ticking out the box.

Procedure to unlock Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1

Step 1: First make sure the device what you are using is from Verizon and then check battery.

Step 2: Now download CASUAL unlocking package from here to your computer.

Step 3: The computer must have continues internet connectivity to carry on the process.  Now take the device and switch it off and enter the download mode by pressing the Volume down key of the rocker and pressing the Power button. Then connect the device to computer and release the button.

  • Windows User- They must put the device in download mode and automatically the flashing of software starts and make sure internet is on.
  • Linux user- The CASUAL will automatically carry on the process. You must run in terminal first.

Step 4: You must hit the Do it! button in computer to start the process. And also follow the instruction given in the tablet.

Congratulations you have learned the procedure to unlock the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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