Root AT&T LG Optimus G Pro E980

Optimus G Pro AT&T root

LG Optimus G Pro is a LTE smartphone running on Android Jellybean is now rooted. This is device is blend of camera i.e. 13 mega pixels and 2GB RAM in internal memory phone. If you got this phone on AT&T service than jot down the procedure to root it. Rooting the phone is risky job and need professional if the user is a novice.

Rooting requires package to download and once done cancels warranty period. Since the device has newly entered the market and users might not have finished the warranty which means rooting must not be done. If user is very egger to root then go for it otherwise stays came and wait for the warranty to over.

Any mishap or damage to phone will not be the responsibility of Pamandroid rather we would help you to solve your problems if any arise during rooting.


  • AT&T LG Optimus G Pro E980
  • Computer with internet connectivity and installed with LG drivers from net or you have given a cd in the box when purchased the device
  • Original USB cable
  • Make backup of all data present in phone memory because rooting cleans all the personal data present in phone such as SMS, Contacts, call logs, images, videos, songs and other files. So make use of back up app to back up all the required files and later restore them
  • The battery power must be at least 50% to root. It doesn’t feel good when the phone shut in the middle of the procedure
  • Enable the USB Debugging by settings-> device information-> enable the mode

Procedure to Root AT&T LG Optimus G Pro E980

Step 1: Download the LG drivers and so as the 7-Zip software to extract few things.

Step 2: Now download the rooting package for AT&T LG Optimus G Pro from here to your computer and then with the suitable software extract the file to make use of tar, bz2 files.

Step 3: After this connect the device to computer through USB cable and put the device on Charge Only mode. Then go to settings-> general->developer options and USB Debugging. Ignore the warning and move further.

Step 4: Now open the CurrentRoot.bat and follow instruction. Now change the Charge mode to Media sync MTP mode through same settings.

Step 5: Now run the Super SU that is on your app drawer now and enjoy rooted device. For more confirmation download and install root checker app from Google Play store.

Well done, you have just learned the procedure to Root AT&T LG Optimus G Pro E980. In near future we will come up with custom roms for the device, until that stay tuned to Pamandroid.


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