Top 10 benefit of having Galaxy tablet


What is the status symbol for youngster these days? Fashion? Yes that matters, then what else? The fashionable latest gizmo gadgets. Every single teenager after school thinks of buying a smartphone or a tablet.  The popular among tablets is a Galaxy tab. This is best way to show friends how trendy you are and it also manages to stand in your busy scheduled social life. So let’s know about top 10 benefits or advantage of having a Galaxy Tablet and tips to use it.

Carry tab wherever you feel like!

Smartphones keep you connected with friends but imagine of something big. A big screen like tablet that has more power, work much faster, easy viewing and less than a laptop to carry. Galaxy Tablets comes in several sizes from 11 to 7 inches and it’s smaller than a textbook. It can come into your carry bag or get fit into your pocket. But always remember to remove it off from the pocket before sitting.

Play games and enjoy videos on big display

Google play store offers you load of games for gamers. If you owe tablet then download and install games and enjoy on big display in your leisure. As the tab supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1, it makes faster viewing of videos and playing seamless games. Watch videos on YouTube and download them to watch later.

Send images and videos to friends on a click

Most of the Galaxy tabs have 3 Mega pixels rear camera to take shots of the thing you feel like. The built in editing software or getting the photo or video editor from Play store makes your capture an art. Share that piece of art right through your tablet to your friends by mailing or attaching on any social network. Through front facing camera have web chatting with your friends.

Viewing vivid pictures and videos

Through the tab you can upload pictures and videos. Share these with your friends through Bluetooth or mail them directly from your tab.

Media Hub to download content

Tablet allows user to download awesome contents from media hub and view on more than four devices. These include the Galaxy tablet, Galaxy S smartphones as well as on computers.

Tablet turns alarm clock

Waking up early in the morning is a pathetic job for every teenager. After rushful day, the next morning seems to be another of getting tired with school or college job. Use your tab as an alarm clock and use fun android alarm application to wake earlier then usually it takes without having a tablet.

Download whatever you like

Big display makes every thing big to enjoy. Download tablet apps, movies, mp3, apps like NOVA and angry birds to enjoy.

Social connection

Keep in touch with your near and dear once through Facebook, twitter or social hub as Samsung has own hub and messaging facility. Facebook home has arrived that makes a new viewing of Facebook. Download it from the Play store.

Digital library on hand

Tablets provide us e-books and magazines through WiFi or data connectivity. There are about 2 million books and thousands of newspaper & magazines available in store. It also supports 20 different languages to read from. Reading on tablet will feel like reading a book and it’s easy to find related topics easily from internet on hand.

Fast web surfing

Surf web and seamlessly talk with your client over WiFi. Wi-Fi is available in specific area otherwise you can use 3G connectivity.

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