Download Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery on Android Device

Photo Sphere

Android 4.2 Jellybean is the latest flavor from house of Google. It had already invaded in Google Play Store and soon will be seen on user hands. Luckily xda developer manages to available Android 4.2 camera and Gallery for Android devices. Users who are anxiously waiting for official update then it are coming on Nexus devices soon.

android 4.2camera

Features of Android 4.2 are fantastic and among them the newest feature is “Photosphere”. This feature allows user to take brilliant 360 degree photo in panoramic way. You can share that picture and view instantly. The images are in JPEGwith XML metadata that can easily embedded in emails. The photos can directly be posted on Google +.

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Special Requirements

However certain things required to port this latest OS camera and Gallery on Android device.

  • Device must have Gyroscope
  • Device must be rooted
  • Device can be Nexus or Non-Nexus
  • The build.prop must be edited if its non-Nexus Android device

Note that this is not official update, hence bug budding is obvious. Apart from build.prop there is no other bug reported so far. If any damage occurs then Pamandroid will not be responsible for it.

How to edit build.prop?

Use a root file browser/editor go to /system and open for editing build.prop. Edit the prop files:

Ro.product.model  (change to Galaxy Nexus)

Ro.product. brand. (Change to Google)


  • Android device
  • Computer to download file from here
  • USB cable
  • Maximum battery power must be 40%
  • Do the Nandroid backup (very important) check out the link for more details

Procedure to apply Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery on Android Device

  1. First make a nandroid backup then download the Android 4.2 Camera ZIP or Android 4.2 Camera APK in the computer.
  2. After downloading place the file into System/Apps in Root explorer. Set the permission to RW-R-R. If the message appears not installing then reboot the device.
  3. Do not install or flash it, rather place it and reboot it.

Voila! You are successful in learning the procedure to place the Android 4.2 Camera on Android device to make use of Photoshpere. If you have any doubts then do comment us. Stay away from bricking your device.


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