8 Boot animations For Galaxy Y [Download]

8 Boot animations

Boot animations are for fun and there are few that have no jell to have it on their device. If you are not one of them and fond of boot animations then you are in correct place. Here are 8 different boot animations for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. These boot animations are brought you by different developers. If you love these then do gives thanks to them and share which one you picked for your device.

How to install the boot animations on Galaxy Y?

Before downloading them, note that few are flashable and few are not. Just scroll down to download the files which ever you want and extract the same. Basically you need to download the zip file and extract it with suitable software in computer.

You have to download Root explorer app or any file manager app in your Android smartphone. To get boot animations on Galaxy Y you have to power up the device by charging it to 50% at least. After extracting the file, copy the file in the SD card by connecting the device to computer via USB cable.

Now using file manager app, goto /sdcard and copy those extracted bootanimation.zip. Then, go to /system/media and mount to r/w mode. You have to paste in system->media.   Just change the permission to rw to rr.

Well, check out the different boot animation for your Galaxy Y.


Samsung Galaxy S II Boot Animation

Developer – xda (evanlocked)


Samsung Galaxy S III Boot Animation

Developer – xda (explodeaamir)


Nexus 7 Boot Animation

Developer – xda (kenjilucas19)


HTC Sence Glossy

Developer – xda (explodeaamir)


HTC Sence White

Developer – xda (explodeaamir)


Windows 7 Boot Animation

Developer – xda (explodeaamr)


Nokia Boot Animation

Developer – xda (winterfoxy)


TPB Plasma Boot Animation

Developer – xda (arindam 4u)

Choose your stylish boot animation for Samsung Galaxy Y and if want custom rom for Galaxy y then here are more than 10 custom ROM available.

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