Tips to Run Android 4.1 Jellybean on Samsung Wave S8500 [How To]

Jellybean on Samsung Wave S8500

Samsung’s main earn is through Android devices and along with Bada operated devices. But, Bada operated devices are not much popular and one of them is Wave S8500. If you are one of the Samsung Wave S8500 user and want Android operating system on it then you are in right place. Here is the guide to run Android 4.1 Jellybean on Wave S8500 easily by following the steps.

You will be guided to install the latest AOKP Jellybean on Samsung Wave. This is unfortunately an unofficial update and builds up by xda developer Tigrouzen. According to the developer various things are working but have a bit annoyance due to different operating system. Few things may not work such as radio, calls, SMS and few others that you often use.

Note that there is no rooting and all stuffs attached because the device is not an Android phone. When an unofficial version of Android is ported on device needs rooting and that brings warranty loss. But, here on Wave users will not loss warranty, but scaring of void warranty is useless because the user going through this process has already enjoyed the phone. Freaking out is futile. Anyways, uses have to space-out on sd card. Since the package is about 500 MB and there should be enough space to be placed inside the sd card.

If any things goes wrong then Pamandroid will not be responsible for any thing. The entire risk is on user.

What you get on S8500?


  1. Samsung Wave S8500
  2. Computer with USB cable
  3. Battery must be charged
  4. Backing up data is necessary

Guide to port Android 4.1 Jellybean on Samsung Wave S8500

  1. Download the Jellybean package on computer. In the download file there is data.img and it should not be touched. If you mess with it then you are responsible for replacing the system and kernel on phone.
  2. What exactly you have to do is copy paste the data.img and place it on Osp folder. As per the developer the System.img and kernel on phone no need more cache.img
  3. You need CSC patch that is in Osp folder and use ‘STune’.
  4. Now connect the device and open Registry folder and replace “ShpCSCFeature.ini” with following file (just download it)

Tips to improve the performance:

On the setting developer option disable the USB debugging.

You must choose stay awake while going through the above process.


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