Root & Install CWM Recovery in Galaxy GIO S5660 [How To]


Users of Galaxy GIO S5660 can root their device with easily simple steps. Along with rooting they can install the ClockWorkMod Recovery that comes with many features. But, the user has to unlock the network to continue to rooting and CWM recovery installation.

Note that rooting the device will void warranty but, comes with advantages. Advantage of getting control over the phone and do what ever feel like. Hence, any damage will not be the responsibility of us. Here do by take own risk to root further.


  • Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660
  • Computer
  • USB cable
  • Battery power must be at least 60%
  • Backup all the phone data using backup apps

Procedure to root Galaxy GIO S5660 through ODIN

  1. Download rooting package ( in your computer.
  2. After this extract the zip file using unzipping software and you will get three files such as cwm-, GIO_v1.0.ops and Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.42.
  3. Now match those files and if anyone is missing, then again download and extract it.
  4. Open the ODIN in computer and in the meanwhile switch off the device.
  5. Enter the device into download mode by pressing the Volume Down Key+ Home Key+ Power button together.
  6. Via USB cable connect the Galaxy GIO to computer and now you will see the ID : COM section that will turn yellow which mean that the drivers have successfully installed in computer. If the ID : COM does not turn yellow then install the USB drivers in computer and move to Settings-> Wireless & Network-> USB Settings. Make sure that Samsung KIES is ticked before phone connection.
  7. Now in ODIN click on ‘OPS’ and select GIO_v1.0.ops. Then tick out ‘One package’ and click out the ‘One package’ tab. Just select ‘cwm-’ and click on start to initiate the process.
  8. The device will reboot automatically and only thing left is to check weather the rooting is successful or not. So, download and install root checker app.

Now you device is rooted and installed with Super user and ClockworkMod application in phone menu.


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