Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 with TechnoDUOS Custom ROM [Update]

TechnoDUOS Custom ROM

TechnoDUOS Custom ROM

Hello Folks! Do you owe Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 and want to change the look with new custom ROM then here the best tested ROM waiting for you hot. Try this on your Android Gingerbread device and share your experience. In this article will get the zip file to download along with the screenshots, requirements and procedure.

After applying this TechnoDUOS custom ROM then the device will get rooted so get ready to lose the warranty at once. As much as possible avoid following this article for now if you have recently bought a phone for yourself. Let the device get bit old and then try this out. Anyways Pamandroid will take no responsibility of damage, but ask your doubts and get help with suitable answer. The risk factor is on your neck.

Features of TechnoDUOS:

  • It supports busybox, runparts and DSP manager for audio boost
  • It has apps to sd support
  • init.d scripts and Bravia engine port support
  • The stock music player modified
  • Bloatwares removed
  • The theme is blue color
  • Zip-aligned and deodexed
  • Pre-rooted and many more


  1. Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS
  2. Computer with net connectivity and the USB cable
  3. The battery power must be 50% at least, if not then charge it before the application of ROM
  4. The backup is necessary and use apps available in Google PLAY to store and then restore them

Steps to update TechnoDUOS Custom ROM on Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102

Step 1: Download the TechnoDUOS package ( in your computer and do not unzip it.

Step 2: Now connect the USB cable and place the file in the SD card and switch off the device.

Step 3: Press the Volume Up key + Home + Power button simultaneously to enter the phone into recovery mode.

Step 4: Now highlight the Wipe data/factory reset with Volume key and confirm with home button.

Step 5: After this select the install zip from sd card-> choose zip from sd card which you had place earlier in step 2. Wait for few minutes to update and be patience.

Step 6: Up next select ‘reboot system now’ if it automatically reboots.

Voila! You have learned the steps to update the custom ROM for Galaxy Y DUOS and now apply on your device.

8 thoughts on “Galaxy Y DUOS GT-S6102 with TechnoDUOS Custom ROM [Update]”

    1. Well, both are okay. If you had bought the device recently then it is better to use the Stock ROM if its old enough then apply the custom ROM for fun. If you want to unroot then follow the unroot procedure or update with official firmware.

  1. I bough a new Samsung Galaxy Y Duo and did a wrong thing , I just did a custom rom with out any back up of my officail Firmware.

    I am not happy with the custom rom . So please tell me a step by step to get back my phone in inbox condition. Please I am a newbie .so y . A 1000 thanks in advance,

    Awaiting for your reply !

    @ Adhi

    1. You can not backup ur official firmware. If you have warranty left then its better to unroot the device by giving it to the service center by showing them the warranty card. If not then unroot by following the article step by step.

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