Unlock Bootloader of International Galaxy Nexus I9250 [Tutorial]


Guys having trance of installing the ICS 4.0.4 update in their Galaxy Nexus phone then they must unlock the bootloader to fulfill their desire. Galaxy Nexus phones are the first to have ICS operating system and first to have JellyBean operating system too (announced). So check out the article carefully to unlock the bootloader with simple steps, but, keep in mind that you should not apply the following procedure on network locked models because it will brick it. And later doesn’t blame Pamandroid for the damage, hence take the responsibility of your device of your own.


  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Computer to download files and connect the device via USB, so use original cable for connectivity. To accomplish the connectivity the Samsung Drivers must be installed in the computer, so as the ADB proper set in your PC.
  • Back up all the important files, SMS, MMS, Videos, contact etc. using cloud space or back up apps available in Goo0gle PLAY, so that they don’t get corrupted or lost. Remember not use KIES for backup.
  • The minimum battery charge of the device must be 70%.
  • Disable the security in your computer and uninstall them in your phone to avoid unnecessary interruption.
  • Enable the USB Debugging by tapping on Settings-> Applications-> Development-> tick the USB debugging. Don’t forget to untick USB Debugging after everything is completed.

Guide to unlock the bootloader of Galaxy Nexus

STEP 1: Download the fastboot.exe (https://hotfile.com/dl/152879579/42f11bc/fastboot.exe.html) file in your computer.

STEP 2: Now place the same in the SDK/Tools (or Platform-Tools) folder (its same as your adb.exe file) by using the USB cable to connect the phone to computer.

STEP 3: Up next in your computer press the Win+R keys in your keyboard open Run option and type ‘cmd’ to open a command prompt and type the following:

adb devices

STEP 4: After this the a screen appears in phone showing the connectivity with a serial number, as you can see in the screenshot given below. If it doesn’t show then assume that the adb installation process as got into trouble in your PC.

STEP 5: Up next type the following command to enter the phone into bootloader mode:

adb reboot bootloader

STEP 6: Now unlock the device by typing the following command again in the command prompt:

fastboot oem unlock

STEP 7: An information on unlocking of the boot loader appears on screen of computer and now you must select ‘YES’ in your phone with the help of Volume rocker to confirm press the Power button.

An orange message appears showing that the device is UNLOCKED successfully.


  • What will I do when ‘waiting for device’ appear in boot loader mode?

Go to Device Manager-> Right Click on Android 1.0-> Update Driver-> Browse My    computer-> Let Me pick from the list -> select the newest Samsung driver available.

  • Can I expect official update after unlocking boot loader?

Yes, unless until you applied custom ROM

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